Anouk Pascale

Anouk Pascale – Interview

Meet Anouk Pascale – not your typical model. She has earned a Masters degree in Combined Sciences and trust us, we don’t mind her combining things J… She has appeared in Maxim Magazine, Mystique, Loaded.

What kind of guys do you fall for? What are the three most important attributes that you look for in a man?

Anouk Pascale: I don’t really have a type – just someone who is genuine with nice caring eyes that also have some excitement about them:) someone who makes me feel safe and has a warmth about them. I like blue eyes and clean hands .. just because i do..!:)

How did you meet your last boyfriend/girlfriend?

Anouk Pascale: I met him at a swimming pool.. I was a lifeguard at the time and he pretended he need rescuing !

If I wanted to meet a beautiful woman like you, what would be the best place to meet you? Where do you hang out? (for example: at Yoga, in a gym, in a restaurant, at a party)

Anouk Pascale: Probably in the gym – i don’t really go out a lot – always designing new pages for my website etc. & trying to promote it. infact if he became a member of my site he would have more chance :) )

What’s the worst place for a guy to hit on you? (for example: a bar, at work)

Anouk Pascale: Probably in the supermarket – i like peace when i’m shopping not some letch trying to see what i have in my basket !

Have you ever dated a guy that you didn’t like when you first met him? If yes, what did he do to become more attractive to you?

Anouk Pascale: Yes – he won me over buy really making a continuous effort to know me and offering to take me out just as a friend. Basically he didn’t give up which made me feel kind of special and wanted so – he won me over :)

What signals do you give to a man when you want him to make the first move?

Anouk Pascale: I don’t – i actually get really shy – he would always have t o make the first move on instinct ..

What is the one thing you wish all men knew about women and dating?

Anouk Pascale: Women like to be wooed… they like someone who tries, is thoughtful and pays them attention.. a woman needs to feel special and appreciated…