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Have you ever wanted to know what is on the minds of the world’s most beautiful and sexy women – we took the time and effort to find out. Every week, we share their inner secrets and feature new interviews with sexy and beautiful women, models and actresses including: Playboy Playmate of the Year Anna Marie Goddard, Playboy Playmate Donna Perry, Penthouse Pet Victoria Zdrok, Perfect 10 Model Hayley-Marie, Amanda Lexx, Tania Amazon, Martika Ibarra, Kimberly Fisher, Christina Lindley, Chrissy Daniels, Tiffany Lang, Eve Ellis, Gina, and many more. Their answers are as powerful as they are surprising. Guess what? They are not thinking what you thought they were thinking.

Sexy models and actresses – who hasn’t seen the Victoria’s Secret fashion show featuring sexy lingerie models every guy wants to date. You see them on TV, on magazine covers, and in all the hot and trendy bars. But how do you go about dating a sexy model or a beautiful actress? Where can you meet fashion or lingerie models, Playboy Playmates, Penthouse Pets, Perfect 10 models, hot actresses, and other sexy and beautiful women in the first place? How do you go about approaching them? Well, we went straight to the source and just asked as many sexy and beautiful models and actresses we could find. After all, who knows best about how to pick-up sexy models than the sexy models themselves! Have you ever seen a striking woman with a guy who is not that handsome, not that rich, not that nice, not that charming – whenever that happens, don’t you ask: “What is she thinking?” Our revealing interviews with some of the sexiest, intelligent and beautiful models and actresses answer this all-important question. If you want to date an incredibly beautiful and extraordinary woman, you need to know what tact to take, how to approach her. What will work and what will not.

Why Do 99% Of Guys Fail? What does every beautiful woman hear multiples times per day, thousands of times per year? If your approach is the same as everyone else’s, how could you possibly succeed? The reality is: get in line; and keep your expectations low – very low. Want to dramatically change your odds? The insight in our book and interviews will give you that edge.

Dating Techniques That Absolutely Work With Extraordinarily Beautiful Women. Cameron tells you the best possible approaches to take. See “The Zen Secrets of Dating” chapter on studying and knowing your target, adjusting your approach and having success with the women whom you are attracted to. If you want to date the most beautiful women, sexy models and actresses – Cam has done the research for you.

Where To Meet Sexy Models And Actresses And How To Approach Them. You do not have to get into the VIP room of a trendy nightclub in New York City, Paris, or London to meet beautiful women. In fact, this might be the worst place for you to try. Our “Confessions From A Supermodel” interview series will give you ideas of places you never thought to go to, and will reveal all the secrets of a “casual” approach that works without seeming contrived. You can start to meet sexy models and actresses today!

What if you could be one of her girlfriends and find out exactly the way this woman thinks? What kind of advantage would that sort of information give you over the average Joe? This is exactly what co-author Cameron Skye does for you. Cam shares her own experience, plus she hung out with many models and hundreds of extraordinarily beautiful women and talked to them about exactly what makes them tick, what turns them on, what makes them laugh, what they think is dull, and much more…

And the insights are shocking!