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Go Beyond Dating Basics

  • We won’t bore you with the obvious ideas about dating. The “Zen Secrets of Dating” goes far beyond the basics. Together with a team of investigators and interns, we have spoken to experts in each area bringing together in one course everything you will need to know to literally transform your dating success.
  • You need to have a strategy to attract a woman. This course will define the critical concept of attraction, and what you need to do to develop your very own Zen Dating Strategy. We will help you answer the ultimate dating question: How can you attract the woman of your dreams and get her to appreciate the many qualities that you have?

Discover The 7 Objectives Of The First Date

  • When your first date with a woman is over, you want her to think back, to feel, like she had a great time and really liked you, was attracted to you, and wants to see you again. How do you do that? You must identify your objectives before you can successfully execute a plan. We will show you the 7 objectives of the first date and how to achieve them.

Learn The Art Of Conversation

  • We’ll teach you the art of conversation. How do you open a conversation and keep hold of a woman’s attention. Most courses never tell you how to keep your target engaged and keep the conversation flowing easily. What questions do you ask? How do you get her to give you her phone number without having to ask for it?

Don’t Wait For Your Soul Mate

  • If you rely on fate and wait to run into your soul mate by chance, you might have to wait a long time. Instead you must take your fate into your own hands and be proactive. Let’s face it: basic formulas won’t work. Instead, you need to learn how to analyze and prepare for each unique opportunity.

Learn To Create Zen Opportunities

  • In this course we will show you how you can go about creating Zen Opportunities. The key to creating a Zen Moment is to be aware of your surroundings. Every single day, each one of us has dozens of opportunities to meet someone even if you “only” make a new friend. How then do you use these to your advantage? Let us show you how…

Sex, Love And Passion

  • After successfully completing the first few dates, you might decide to take this relationship further. This course covers most questions people have about sex and love. 99% of men will definitely improve on their lovemaking skills, become a better lover and satisfy the woman of your dreams.

Zen Secrets of Dating

Zen Secrets of Dating gives you all the tools. We guide you through the process of creating real changes using proven methods and techniques that will change your dating destiny.

Learn to create your personal Zen Strategy, master an irresistible confidence, find out where to meet women, have natural conversations, develop a truly personal style, and much, much more…

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